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Visualforce: Create your custom pages using Visualforce

Visualforce is markup language that allows to define user interface components in Salesforce. This is very interesting tool which runs on force platform. By using page layouts, we can easily configure User interface. But by using visusalforce pages, you can develop your own customized user interface.

Here in Visualforce Tutorial tutorial I am providing information about, how to work with visualforce pages.

This course covers about various tags in Visualforce like page,pageBlock, inputfield, output field etc. This course also covers 3 types of controllers in salesforce Standard, Custom Controllers.

What students will get from this course ??

  • This course is not a power point presentation, they will hands on with every topic. I recommend to practice along with me.
  • This course contains all the important tags which you will use at work.
  • You will also get notes on every topic.

What are the requirements?

  • First 15 lectures won't need any programming experience. The remaining 5 lectures will need some Apex knowledge.

Introduction about the course
Introduction to Visualforce
Create your Salesforce Account
Introduce yourself
Enable the Developer Mode
Create your first Simple Visualforce Page
Attributes of page tag
Apex Page Block and Section tag
Adding Content to the Page section
Functions in Visualforce
Addition If else in Visualforce
Standard Controllers in Visualforce
Detail Tag in Visualforce
Apex Output Field Tag in Visualforce
How to Display the record in Table format
Replace Standard Page with our Custom Vf Page
Create an Hyperlink for another Page
Getting Input from the User
Render the Vf page as PDF document
Introduction to Custom Controller
Hands on With Custom Controller
Controller Extension

What's included

  • 21 Video Lessons
  • 2 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Deepika Khanna