Learn Salesforce Apex Basic to Advance

In this course we will explore basic and Advance concepts related to Apex like Triggers, DML operation.


Frustrated trying to learn how to program?

My name is Deepika Khanna and I'd like to ask you to come with me on a journey as I take you from a beginner to an advance Apex developer!


Because I will taught you how to program successfully with Apex and will make learning fun at the same time.

Are you ready to learn how to program?

This course assumes no previous experience, and takes you from the absolute beginner concepts like creating your developer's account, writing you very first Apex program, and then goes into more detail as we explore the entire Apex feature set.

All the basic Apex keywords, Variables, If Else statements, Loops and Inheritance are explained in great detail, together with complete chapters on object oriented programming.

Now don't worry if none of that made any sense. Because, I will go into great detail explaining each and every core concept, programming terms, and buzzwords.

By the end of this course you will have a mastery of programming in Apex no matter what level of experience you are at right now.

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Creating a Developer's Account
Introduce yourself
What is a Programming Language???
What Is a Variable??
What are Variables???
Time to Code: Simple Hello World Example
Hands on with Variables
Assignment on Variables
What are Decision Control Statements with Example
Assignment on If else
Loops :While and Do while Loops in Apex
For Loop with Example
Assignment on Loops
What Is a Class and Object in Apex??
What is a Class and Object with Example
Classes and Objects
Static and Non Static Method
Static and Non-static variable
Access Modifiers in Apex
Constructors in Apex
Inheritance in Apex
Exceptions In Apex
Collection (List ,Set and Map)
Collection:List, Set and Map
DML : Insert and Update
Delete and Undelete DML operation
Upsert (Update and Insert at the same time)
What are Triggers???
Trigger to update the description on Contact object before inserting a Record
Update the description field on Contact object .
Insert and Update Trigger
Throw Error when User tries to delete the contact without Account

What's included

  • 27 Video Lessons
  • 8 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Deepika Khanna